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Services – Quality and Professionalism

In addition to standard machine shop services, Alpha Machinery & Technology also specializes in the following:

CNC Machining Service
CNC machining is accomplished efficiently and effectively with our CNC milling machines which have 4th axis & 5th axis capability. With this kind of milling, a cutting tool rotates about an axis perpendicular to the cutting surface to accurately remove bulk from a block of material. Cutting edges of various profiles are available to create any two or three dimensional parts desired, whether square, rounded or angled. We implement Master Cam and provide parts that meet customer design and quality standards.

Sheet Metal Capabilities
Our modeling applications allow for default values based on company and industry standards to define common sheet metal parameters such as bend radii, neutral factors and material thickness. A typical airframe, for example, is comprised of many sheet metal parts. Alpha Machinery & Technology can custom tool and manage the entire workflow process to create all commissioned parts and features.

If you inquire more about our services or have a custom application you need, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.